Cargill Meats is located at 10 Cuddy Blvd, London, ONT. Just off of Oxford and Veterans Memorial Highway. The number 36 bus stops out front of Cargill. 

At six weeks old, chickens are cornered by "catchers" who grab the terrified animals by their feet and roughly stuff them into crates, which are loaded onto transport trucks with forklifts. In the process, they suffer and millions die before they even reach the slaughterhouse. 

At the slaughterhouse, chickens are not stunned, but shackled and dragged upside down, fully conscious, through electrified water that paralyses their muscles so that their feathers will come off more easily after they are dead. 


London Chicken Save bears witness at Cargill Meats Canada where the London Ontario plant processes 80,000 chickens each day and the hatchery in Jarvis, Ontario produces, on average, 150,000 chicks per day.


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