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The Save Groups of London, Ontario, in association with The Save Movement worldwide, aim to inspire change through positive action & raise awareness about the slaughter in our city. We are a growing group of dedicated and heartfelt animal liberation activists from in and around London, Ontario Canada. Like other save groups in the movement, we are loved-based and our aim is to bring awareness to the unnecessary suffering and death that these gentle animals endure. They must be seen. 

"Bearing witness is the beginning of awareness. You see realities by being present. The distressed animals are here and now right before your eyes. You refuse to turn a blind eye! You look, you come closer, and you try to help the individuals before you... Looking at the pigs, touching their snouts as they push through the air holes to nudge and sniff our hands, hearing them grunt to communicate with us and each other, strengthens our resolve to do all we can to help them."

- Anita Krajnc, Founder of Toronto Pig Save

Please join us in making a change for the animals!


Share your event photos with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and we will share with our community. Check out our Events Calendar on Facebook for all the info on upcoming potlucks, vigils and outreach opportunities. 



 Support our cause by attending one of our weekly vigils or by donating monthly to our Patreon campaign. All money goes directly towards us spreading the vegan message and helping the animals. For more info on our work check out our patreon page